We genuinely believe that we are different to most Accountants by the way we work with business owners and take responsibility for them achieving their financial goals. Some of the key points of difference are;

  • Experience and Knowledge - We have over 30 years of experience in advising business owners and corporate clients across a diverse range of industries and size.
  • Dedicated client service team - each client has a dedicated team of 3 people, so you can always get advice or an answer to a question when you need it
  • Chartered Accountants - All our accountants are Chartered Accountants – which makes a big difference in terms of knowledge, training and professional standards.
  • No need to have multiple advisers - we can look after all your financial issues.
  • Industry Specialists - we have Accountants who specialise in certain industries who have extensive industry experience and knowledge.
  • Trusted Adviser - We help your business grow, anticipate and solve problems and get things done on time.

Alpha Consulting Group is a firm of chartered Accountants and advisers with over 30 years of experience in looking after business and corporate clients who need a trusted advisor to help them grow, manage and protect their business.

We help business owners manage and simplify their lives by developing strategies around;

  • Growing your business
  • Increasing your profitability
  • Protecting your assets
  • Paying less Tax
  • Simplifying your financial affairs

At Alpha we recognise the importance of recruiting, nurturing and mentoring individuals who have the talent, drive and passion to make a difference – when it comes to helping our clients grow their business.

As our name implies, team-alpha is just that. A team of highly trained specialist accountants and advisors who are focussed on results and positive outcomes for our clients.

Why a career at Alpha makes sense

If you have the talent, drive and the ambition, then we are always looking for the right person to join our team.

Alpha offers a diverse range of tax and business advisory services which provides the opportunity for talented people to enhance their knowledge and commercial skills through ongoing training and development.

Our culture – is largely results-driven, high energy with a focus on being proactive, adaptive and a reputation for getting things done. This approach is tempered with having fun along the way to ensure that everyone within the team has a good work-life balance.

We genuinely believe that we are different to most Accountants by the way we work with business owners and take responsibility for them achieving their financial goals.

Why is a Chartered Accountant better

Chartered Accountants drive the business behind your business.

The expertise and advice of a trusted CA can be the critical ingredient that allows a business to reach their full potential. Behind the designation Chartered Accountant is years of study, ongoing training and one of the leading professional associations in business and finance in Australia and New Zealand that ensures CAs comply with the highest professional standards.

This means that whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, a Chartered Accountant can provide expert advice to help set your business up for ongoing success. Choosing a Chartered Accountant gives you the security of knowing they meet or exceed recognised technical and ethics benchmarks.

Chartered Accountants