Transport & Logistics

Accountants with over 30 years of experience in road transport and logistics management

Alpha Consulting Group has a specialist group of accountants who provide transport and logistics clients with expert advice and a tailored solution to their business needs.

The depth of our transport and logistics specific knowledge extends across various businesses from all around Australia and across varying different segments of the broader Transport Industry.

Whether you are operating in Refrigerated, Warehousing & Distribution, Container & Ports Work, 3PL, Express, Bulk or General Freight, our specialist division can help your business in some of the following areas;

  • Protecting Your Assets We ensure that you have the best corporate structure to protect your assets and reduce risk.
  • Minimise Tax We ensure that you have the best structure to minimise tax and take advantage of all available tax concessions in the industry.
  • Improve Profitability Our monthly management reporting pack and benchmarking which has been developed over many years working with various transport clients can help your business grow and improve profitability.
  • External CFO Service – If your business is expanding but you don’t want to take the next step of employing a full time CFO – our external CFO service might be the solution you have been looking for.
  • Reporting and Tax Compliance – We can look after all your compliance needs and make sure you are claiming everything you are entitled to.
  • Fuel Tax Credit Claims – We often find many operators are not aware of the extent of potential Fuel Tax Credit claims that are available to them. We work closely with leading experts to ensure all potential claims are maximised, which can often extend up to 4 years and total in the $10,000’s +.
  • Job Costing and Profitability Analysis – Make use of our exclusive costing system that has been developed over many years to accurately determine the fixed, variable and other associated on-costs involved in completing a trip and the required revenue to generate an adequate return on investment.
  • Tenders and Contract reviews – With costs increasing year on year it is essential that contracts be reviewed regularly. We can work with you to develop a cost matrix to track the key costs such as Labour, Fuel, Equipment, Tolls, Overheads etc. to prepare and justify rate increases.

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